The Jimmy and Sook Crab Shack
A small house with a dock on a body of water, perfect for Jimmy and Sook.

Even though the name is not actually accurate yet, one day the dream of having a place to pick crabs on Carters Creek will come true.  Hopefully,  Spring of 2019 will see this ‘mouth watering’ epicurean treat become reality. 

In the meantime, you are invited to visit Irvington and stay twelve feet from the water as you enjoy the amenities of this vacation rental.  Search for  listing #476637 and view photos and particulars of the property.  The calendar of availabilities is on the site as well as over 50 Five Star reviews from previous guest.  For more details contact Andy @ 804 436 4108 or eMail [email protected].

For many decades the property was a seafood company, buying crabs from the local waterman, packaging the products and shipping them to restaurants from New York to Florida. Jimmy and Sook purchase the land and buildings several years ago and completed the renovations to make it a comfortable cottage.  Now the plan is to develop a outdoor kitchen area that will serve steamed crabs ready for picking by patrons arriving by boat. Easy to see how this venue will showcase the Jimmy and Sook world!

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