Frequently asked questions

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Q. Is the beautiful ‘Crab’ trademarked?

Yes, and we would appreciate you alerting us to copycats!

Q. How soon will my order be shipped?

The same day it is received in most cases.

Q. Will my golf game improve if I wear the ‘Crab Shirt’ on the course?

Yes, almost overnight.

Q. When my friends ask where I got my ‘Crab attire’, how can I lead them to you?

Look in your shirt collar for the name, JimmyandSook, and tell them to add .com after that!

Q. Do you have a corporate program?

Yes, we can add your company name on the sleeve for quantity orders.

Q. Will my boyfriend finally propose if I wear Jimmy and Sook clothes?

Definitely, and we do weddings.

Q. Would you gift wrap and send to a third party?

With pleasure and a gift card.

Q. What if I don’t see what I am looking for on the web site?

Call us at 804-436-4108 and we will assist you with our new products.

Q. I understand Jimmy and Sook will be at Boat Shows, Festivals, and Bazaars. How can I find you?

We will post our schedule on this site soon or just look for the guys having the most fun…that’s us.

Q. Are Jimmy and Sook married?

No silly, they are Crabs and the rings wouldn’t fit their claws.

Q. Are you interested in investors in Jimmy and Sook?

Yes, send cash, checks, or first born.

Q. What About Returns?

Returns…”We will strive to keep our customers satisfied…whatever it takes”. Call the shop at 804 438 6010 with any issue and whoever answers the phone is authorized to solve any problem.

Got more question?

We are friendly and social, let us know what you need.